Well it was already time for me to tell you about some taxi dancers team. There are plenty […]

Christmas time is a good reason to look back, come into conclusions and make new plans based on […]

There had always been many photographs in Polina Kostromitina´s house. It was full of developing machines and photo […]

It is that big kizomba festival, one of the best in Europe, where everyone goes, and where among […]

For sure, many of you were thinking of visiting Russia at least once in a lifetime and most […]

Well, dreams come true… I’d looked forward to get to Rovinj SSD & CSSF, and finally I did! […]

pre-party & after-party kizomba concepts

Today I speak about concepts. Those who have been dancing for a long time would wonder why. Well, […]

I first learned about Tantra when I was 12. My neighbor next door did tantra practices, which made […]

Dj Saï Saï Interview – ENGLISH VERSION:  Version française en bas ⇓ If you know what is “kizomba” than for […]

I never paid attention to this subject until I met a kizomba promoter Saba, a nice smiling girl […]

Lovely and very teaching article about the dance addition, that must be shared in the dance world, but […]

O’Kiz Festival Since I first saw on Facebook videos from kizomba boat trips in Rovinj I started dreaming of one. […]

I’m a very curious and addicted person. I had a lot of hobbies in my life, starting with the […]

The first person, I dedicate my post to, is my first kizomba teacher – Aimé. Many of you know […]

The first Kizomba Festival in my life My first kizomba festival wasn’t actually a Festival. It was a […]

I’ve decided to share my thoughts and feelings on something I really love doing, on my biggest passion, […]