Smell well & set your priorities!

Dear Beginner,

I can imagine how euphoric you are right now, how eager to learn all about it, try and experience… Take your time! Kizomba is like a child yet. It was born just few years ago. Comparing with other types of dance it’s still in its embryonic state. It’s being constantly transformed and mutated ever since. Although there are still many people who have no idea of what it is. But YOU got to know about it somehow, and now you are here! So, first of all – congratulations!!

Dancing is always about pleasure, but Kizomba is a special case, it’s more than that. It absorbs you so much that one day you can forget your mother’s name. Be careful! This message is for those naive ones who believe in a perfect world. It’s for you to continue to enjoy the dance, but without disappointments, broken-hearts, etc…

Here below you will find some tips to take into account the sooner the better:

– Smell well! It’s essential. No need to buy an expensive French perfume, but it’s a must to take a shower (and more than once if needed, especially at summer time, or when you’ve danced for a few hours and sweating a lot). Always carry with you a deodorant. Just have one in your dancing shoes bag.

– Drink a lot of water, sleep as much as possible and change dancing shoes to flat sneakers and back in order to give your feet a rest.

– Book your accommodation for festivals as early as possible (at least 3-4 months in advance), you’ll always get the best locations and rates. If you are not sure to go on a certain trip yet, book it just in case via, those with free or flexible cancellation policy. You ‘ll have time to think up to 2-3 days before the event, when you can cancel your reservations free of charge.

– Don’t be scared to go to festivals even if you think you don’t have enough level. Festivals are made particularly for improving your level. They are the best way to spend more time in the social room. It’s not that about learning combinations & steps, it’s about feeling the music, learning to be absolutely relaxed and listen to your partner. The more different partners you have the faster you’ll be able to adjust to them and finally follow absolutely anyone.

– The promo codes are usually as simple as the name of the organizer lol. So if you don’t have a promo code and don’t know any promoter, just switch on your imagination and enter some typical words like “XXXteam”. Sometimes it works)

– People TALK. In kizomba a lot. And men even more that women. In fact you can’t imagine how small this world is. Everyone is connected all across Europe. Everyone knows each other. You will see it or you won’t, because not all relationships are evident. Some are secret. So you never know, when you tell your problems or gossip, where this information will end up. Be very careful of what you say. Even when a person seems nice and harmless, their impression may be deceptive.

– Watch your step with pre-parties and after-parties. Normally they are organized not exactly for dancing. The PRE for drinking and the AFTER for something else.. You know what I mean. So, before happily accepting an invitation to such a private event in a hotel room, take consequences. For example, you were seen in that room with That person – no matter what you did or didn’t – you had sex. And no one will believe the opposite. After 3-4 after-parties, you’ll be know as a public B*.

–   When you ask a guy you like if he has a girlfriend, and the answer is “It’s complicated”, believe me he does. And, moreover: there’s no exclusivity in kizomba. Wake up!!! You will never be the only one.

I could make it endless, but I’ll stop here. You will discover it by yourself and one day you will write your own letter.

   Good luck and don’t lose yourself in this huge kizomba ocean! Don’t change your believes and  remember your priorities!