Let it be said (a word of a man!)

Let it be said from a mans standpoint about how he looks at the kizomba world.

The kizomba world is a confronting place where two sexes meet and are open for whatever exchange through the music. If someone uses it because of their own hidden agenda, it is not right. But it is still the person’s right to do so and it is the other person’s right not to react on it.

How do you know who’s agenda is right or not? Simple! How do you do it in your normal life? You take the time to know someone, without trying to be prejudice. After a few dates or whatever happens, you form an opinion about someone. Not about the kizomba world. From there you make a choice.

We are all adults going to an kizomba event to enjoy music, seeking for extraordinary feelings.
Everywhere in the world in any situation man kind is gathered there are the good ones and the less good ones. Does the less good ones have the right to overshadow the good ones?
Do women have to portray men always as the less ones? What about their own behavior?

How many women go to those events, communities or whatever situations with there own agenda or personal baggage from life?

There is no man telling you to spread your legs for him. You can be hungry for good male dancers, but it doesn’t mean you have to sleep with them. Even though they might expect that. If you do so, it is because you want to. And let me tell you this. Men are not hunters. Women like them to believe this. If a woman has her target in sight, she will make sure he noticed and let him think that he did the catching. This is not only in the kizomba world but everywhere.

Personal frustration must not be the cause of destroying the kizomba world for what it is.

I do not say that everything is bright and shiny in the kizomba world. But a story always has multiple sides. It is your emotion and life experience who brings the story to life and makes you see it the way you want it.
So dear ladies, if you are emotional not stable and or fragile, don’t put yourself in a situation, where you know you will or can be hurt. It is like stealing. If you steal, you know you can or will get caught. So don’t do it. Go and enjoy dancing and the exchange of spirits and emotions on the dance floor and leave it there. If you want more from it, let it be your  personal story and not your frustration on social media.