The fake world

Dear future kizombeira,

Welcome to the twilight zone where nothing looks like it really is…

Be careful, watch your heart and be patient… most good dancers tempt to try to manipulate beginners. On first sight they seems to fall in love, say nice things, dance with you forever and explain you new moves or technique… but for 99,9% it’s fake… Their purpose is to invite you to their room to spend a night with you. Be aware of that.

Dancing makes happy, it’s proven, and the body produces the same endorphin like having sex; don’t get addicted by that feeling.  Keep your non-dancing friends and don’t forget to spend also time with your family.

Whoever you meet on the scene be aware that it’s most of the time not who the real person is! They are not even interested in your feelings, your thoughts or your personality… and behind their smile, expensive close and famous or arrogant attitude most of them have a very simple and poor life… like a heroin addicted they are just looking for the next shot…  sex…  Nowadays a lot of people feel lonely and forget how to connect in real life with others or to get close to them and start a relationship (also relationship as good friends). When they dance kizomba they finally get that connection they were looking for but forgot how to do it outside the dance-floor. They mix it up with lust and sexual tension, because the feeling of connection is similar. Please keep that in mind and be patient.

There are still good people among them… If you are patient it will prove who it’s worth to spend time with… Don’t get mad if you get rejected. It’s not because of you, people have thousands of reasons, needing a break, wanna talk to friends, being in a bad mood etc… Keep your excited smile and move on… the next dance will come! Never forget that dancing is a little escape from reality…

Watch your heart and always live your real life. Keep everything in balance. And take your time to get to know people… Have fun, but watch out for the broken personalities, who are not able to build up any serious relationships:  not as friends, not as lovers… Like in your real life, there will be only a few people you should let into your inner circle. Be diplomatic and stay the way you are: dance, smile and move on. Dance like hell, visit workshops and dance with as many people as possible… It gives you confidence… Watch the dance-floor from time to time in order to get a feel the people… you will see really fast the “bad” guys. If you wanna have fun and sex every day, it’s fine, enjoy it, but protect yourself and be aware of the point that most dancers have sex several times a week with different girls.   It’s ok, but can also be dangerous…

The most important thing:

be yourself, surrounded by people you trust and like, just enjoy dancing and keep everything balanced!