I’ve been dancing salsa, bachata and kizomba for more than 6 years. I started with salsa, but when I found kizomba (or kizomba found me (lol)), my heart was given to it! It is not possible to convey in words what the kizomba means to me! It’s not just a dance, it’s my life! Those who don’t dance kizomba or those who are just beginning to dance it, do not even suspect what range of emotions you can experience here! You can endlessly sing praises about kizomba, but everything has a dark side about which I would like to tell beginners!

When I just got here I’ve had several love stories. I was certainly serious about them, but alas … I was very naive and kind, like all good girls are)))  I believed in good and honor, and most importantly in LOVE! I still believe in it (lol), but I do not believe that you can find it in the kizomba community, and there are a number of reasons for it!

I want to leave a few tips that will help you not to fall into the clutches of “dishonorable” men.  Let’s call them HUNTERS))
Identifying features of a Hunter: perfectly dressed, smells delicious and obviously very sexy! Always knows what to reply. In general, Casanova, but if Casanova needs money, a Hunter needs only your heart! It is not necessary to look for him, he will find you himself sooner or later, inviting you for a dance or catching your eyes in the crowd. He will dance with you for a long time, and after the dance there are several options of what will happen on the same or the next day:

A) he tells you: “You’re amazing, where you’ve been all this time?  I’ve never had such a connection with anyone else before”
B) “it’s too hot, I have some water in my room…”
C) “I’m a teacher, and I’m just looking for a partner, and you’re so talented!”
D) “Let’s go to the after-party!”
E) (on the next day) “I will not come to the party today, I’m sick, (ok) Could you bring me please (fruits, pills, etc.)?…”

Here is when you should tell STOP to him and yourself.  If nothing serious happens between you two, he will text you on Facebook!
Here he will begin talking about how much you have in common, that he is tired of brief relationships and wants to start a family, how he loves children, and how he bravely helped an old lady yesterday across the road! Well, “just IDEAL” you think! And the conversation flows so easily, like two soul mates! He will also remember some small details, the color of your eyes and how you smell and so on! Next, he will offer to visit him at weekend or meet at some festival. Very brave ones can visit your place (city, country, etc..) themselves, but this is very rare))
In the end, you’ll peck!  Afterwards, at best, he will be honest and say something like: “I’m sorry, baby, I did not promise you anything; I’m young and very busy”.  In the worst case he will simply disappear, without giving any reason, moreover he won’t respond to your messages and will not even greet you next time you meet. And in the very worst case: your brain will be wrecked from a few months to a year or two (such Hunters have a girlfriend in every country, who they keep for a convenient opportunity). From time to time he will ignore your messages, saying he was too busy. He will appear and disappear again and again, in general, keeping you on a short leash, so that, if an occasion presents itself, you are at hand, instead of his own hand (lol).

Conclusion:  If you want to build a serious relationship, do not even think about doing it in a kizomba world, although in normal life you can also meet such a Hunter, but the probability will be less! In general, in any case, never get discouraged and rock the ass, a good ass still has not prevented anyone))