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Kizomba addict

Kizomba Addict or a Bat-Woman

You know what,  I must show you what kizomba addict I am! CURRENT SITUATION: Renovation works in my house (imagine!!) take all my lunches, running around constructions shops, cleaning and […]

My co-pilot

Normally we come to kizomba world alone. But as the time passes by, we make acquaintances and in the end we meet that one person who becomes our kiz-friend. The […]

LoveHate in the kizomba world

Recently I´m so concentrated on the interviews, running after people who sometimes seem to be interested in the beginning, but in the end they ignore me like if I was […]

Santa Barbara

 It is that big kizomba festival, one of the best in Europe, where everyone goes, and where among the crowd you do not even meet your friends in 3 days, […]


I’m a very curious person. I had a lot of hobbies in my life, starting with the topic ones like Musical School and Scout association, ending with Reiki and Astrology.   Although […]

Introduction to my mind

I’ve decided to share my thoughts and feelings on something I really love doing, on my biggest passion, a must part of my life, my meditation – on KIZOMBA DANCE. […]

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