“It’s been a long time…”. Yes. That’s what people told me tonight when they saw me entering the […]

Kizomba in Portugal (my personal perception of a 1 time experience) This was my first dancing trip to […]

Part 1. Social Media Life This subject is interesting to study, but frankly speaking I have no time […]

Sex in kizomba or… harassment In the light of the last days discussions about the harassment in kizomba […]

I won’t be the only one to say that dancing kizomba in the country I live in is […]

For sure you saw many times on the dance floor girls leading men.. and this also applies to […]

Normally we come to kizomba world alone. But as the time passes by, we make acquaintances and dance […]

  I would like to support the amazing project DANCE FOR IT, which is a movie about our […]

Yesterday I got a question in my PM from one of my followers: “I´m very unhappy about some […]

Recently I´m so concentrated on the interviews, running after people who sometimes seem to be interested in the […]

It is that big kizomba festival, one of the best in Europe, where everyone goes, and where among […]

I’m a very curious and addicted person. I had a lot of hobbies in my life, starting with the […]

I’ve decided to share my thoughts and feelings on something I really love doing, on my biggest passion, […]