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Kizomba Addict or a Bat-Woman

You know what,  I must show you what kizomba addict I am!


Renovation works in my house (imagine!!) take all my lunches, running around constructions shops, cleaning and re-organizing things. All parquet floors are removed, full of dust, jumping over the staircase, I find myself in a complete chaos. My custom-made wardrobe hasn’t arrived yet, thus all my clothes is hanging on sofas and chairs everywhere. I can’t find what I need to get dressed to work, which provokes a lot of stress. This is a mess!!!

At the same time I’m preparing an important event at work, happening in a few days. Therefore I have to finish the last preparations and check all the details to make sure it runs smoothly.

Tonight I’m going to see a football match with my friends at a great barbecue party as well as publish my last interview article and also remove furniture from 3 bedrooms.

I have two small kids, who must be picked up from school daily, given dinner, a shower and thrown to bed. I must take them to their activities tomorrow at 9 am, which will last almost all day. I also help them with their homework, make their lunch boxes, play with them, etc.. everything mothers do.

Sometimes, I feel like there are not enough hours in a day. But still, tonight, after school, barbecue and a football game, after emptying three bedrooms, I will go to a Kizomba Party! Although tomorrow I wake up at 7 am to control my renovation works ongoing, my kids activities, shopping, packing my luggage for my business trip, finishing conference presentations and so on..


How big my passion for kizomba dance is, if with everything happening in my life i STILL find time for this dance. Where I take my energy from to be active in Social Media, to write posts in my dancing blog for you, and to dance, dance and again dance! This is definitely a BIG KIZOMBA LOVE. And I’m definitely a BAT-WOMAN AND A GREAT KIZOMBA ADDICT!:)


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