The most common question among those who travel around dancing is “How was the festival?” Especially if you wanted to be there, to make sure you didn’t loose anything or just to keep in mind feedbacks for the next year, if it’s worth going. But this question is the most tricky question ever. As the answer to it purely depends on a personal perception of each one. There is no exact measure like for certified product quality. All opinions are absolutely relevant. How many times I hear opposite comments regarding the same event.  Someone sighs in inspiration: “Oh, that was the best weekend ever! I’ve had a great time!” And another: “Three times more girls than men, impossible to dance, shitty atmosphere..”

I have been asking myself what makes people react to the same festival, in the same conditions, place and time, in such a different way?  I came to a conclusion that it’s their inner state, nothing else. Even if the dance floor is not comfortable for moving, even it’s too hot, too little space, too expensive, too bad accommodation or food, believe me – nothing matters, when one feels good inside. When you are happy with yourself no matter what you will laugh at all the difficulties on your way, take them as adventures and stories to remember in time. Nevertheless, when your heart is sad every little obstacle will seem an elephant in the eye, you will be bothered and complaining about things that a happy person wouldn’t even notice.

So, guys, when you don’t know how your next festival will be, I’m telling you – you DO KNOW! The answer is inside of you. It will be the way you want it to be! Like life itself – you write your own scenario in your head at the moment when you decide to go somewhere.  I already tried this technique in practice: I told myself I would have fun, and I did! Although it sounds as cheap psychology, it works!;) Everything is in your hands! If you want, all events will be great just because of your own perception!!! Which also means:

  • not having any particular expectations based on how was the last edition of the same event (past experiences are not likely to be repeated), or based on somebody’s else opinion (which is always private and has nothing to do with you)
  • being opened to everything new, every change of plans or circumstances vs being flexible (just relax and go with the flow)
  • always keeping in mind WHY you go there (for dancing, for socializing with your friends, getting too know new people, sex, listening to your favorite music, etc) and sticking to it! For every person it’s something different. This will be your guide to not get lost in the abyss of what will be happening.

I’ll put it simple: it makes no sense to ask anyone “How was the festival?!” It gives you zero information, it conditions your mind in a certain way, sending it sometimes wrong signs or creating unnecessary illusions. Opinions of others block our spontaneity and our free flow of imagination.

My best festivals almost always took place in pretty ugly locations (hotels), and the weather conditions often left much to be desired. But I was dancing… under the rain!!! Dancing well and a lot, and in a good mood! All soaked to the skin, sloshing with my ballerinas in puddles, I had some of the best dancing moments of my life. Complicated, tiring trips, that at times took much longer to get to place than the time on the dance floor, were really worth it! Nothing promising parties turned to magical memories! Sometimes even knowing all “problems” or disadvantages of a future event and having quite low expectations I was pleasantly surprised and I managed to have a lot of fun!

Just remember my three advices mentioned above and A GOOD FESTIVAL WILL BE ALWAYS UNDER YOUR SKIN!