Taxi dancers team story: The “Kiztrotters”

Well it was already time for me to tell you about some taxi dancers team. There are plenty on the kizomba scene, and I had a great choice to begin with.  As I usually prefer best quality in every aspect of my life, the same applies to my blog: I write about the best of the best! This team to me represents a solid well-planned and well-managed organization, which, I believe, will survive everybody & everything else)

I first heard of the Kiztrotters when I met one of them on the dance floor, over a year ago, in my favorite place in the world – Park Futbol. A couple of months later I danced with few more and we even made friends, but then I did not know how famous they were in the kizomba world. The word “trotter” at that time said nothing to me.

My girlfriends told me that day: “You can’t even realize how lucky you are to be able to dance and party with the Kiztrotters themselves! Any girl would dye to be there on your place”. Then I thought, “Have I missed something?”))

Since then I started observing the way they work, where, how hard, what events organizers think about them, what girls say about them, what their philosophy is. I was amazed at the quantity: so many from different cities, mixed genders, ages, dance styles, etc. This is a Monster Organization! I was wondering if this big machine is ever manageable at all. Finally, I decided to talk to Mr. Jojo Lebon. The perfect opportunity popped up at their fourth Birthday Anniversary.

Jojo appeared to be a serious man, staid and very smart. He took out a piece of paper and started drawing a scheme to explain how it all started. I captured his mimics, timbre of voice and posture, and I concluded – he knew what he wanted, and he knew exactly what he was doing…

How to become a Kiztrotter?

  • Most importantly you must have a special state of mind – to really want to share your passion for dancing. In the first two to three months we test a person, which means he is travelling with us everywhere. Meantime we are evaluating him, and afterwards decide weather he stays in the team or not. If he does, then we sign a kind of Code of Conduct document.  Normally all our taxis have over 3 years of dancing experience.

What are the rules?

  • Taxi dancers always wear the same clothes at an event or a party, which always include black trousers. Exceptionally, we can wear white trousers as well. Regarding the number of dances per girl it varies between 3 or 4 maximum.

What’s your strategy?

  •  Everyone does their own thing! The responsibilities are clearly split among the members of the team, because the key is to be well-organized. Thus, there is no loss of information. In the end events organizers trust the quality of our job.  Whoever goes to make an offer to one of our taxi dancers they will redirect this person to me, because, for instance, that’s me who is responsible for contracts.

Lobbing is also a part of our strategy. I’ve danced for over 7 years, since 2010. I have already created my own source in Kizomba. As you know, Paris is the laboratory of kizomba dance. Everything started here: the first non-stop, the first blackout, the first urban-kiz, etc… I lived it all and I took advantage of the moment.

Talking about the responsibilities, who does what? 

  • We don´t have any Superior or boss, but I would highlight 5 main pillars, some of us obvoiusly also “taxing” as well:
Jojo  Ania Fred Pascal Mamady
Sales Manager Set up bookings/ Responsible girls in France Head projects Responsible men´s bookings Financial Responsible
 Negotiating contracts once the contract is signed, managing all arrangements from A to Z anniversaries, photo shootings, events, announcements,communication  pick up of full passes, food info, drinks, dancing hours, etc..  managing team´s accounts
                                                          55 Kiztrotters taxi-dancers

How does it happen in life?

  • Once the contract is approved, I pass it to Ania. She gets in touch with everyone to build a taxi dancers team for the requested event or party. People reply “yes” or “no”. Afterwards she creates a group for this event in Facebook. Also, there´s one more group created, which would include the event´s organizers. When they go to a festival there is always a Captain assigned to every project (differs each event depending on the composition of the team; normally this is one of the veterans, more capable). Even if I’m there myself, that’s him who is responsibly all the weekend. I interfere only if there’s a problem of contractual nature, like when the conditions of the contract were not respected and organizers don´t do what they had promised. Otherwise a Captain takes care of all issues starting by the food, transport & accommodation arrangements and finishing by checking dancing hours, getting tickets for drinks, bracelets, etc.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

  • We are going to recruit more taxi dancers! We will open 10 in Bordeaux, 5 in Lyon and 10 more in Paris.

Wow, this sounds crazy! You are a monster organization! I wish you good luck and continue to please us with your great performance!!

I also asked him to tell me what was his “Kiztrotters biggest dream”, but this will remain our small secret)