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There had always been many photographs in Polina Kostromitina´s house. It was full of developing machines and photo equipment, because her father was very keen on the photography. At the same time, Polina was attending an Art School, which helped a lot to create a further vocation.  Polina thanks her parents: her dad who instilled in her a love for photos, and her mom who developed her good artistic taste.

The start

Her first photo camera appeared in 2009. It was a New Year’s gift Nikon 450 D. There she started shooting. She did not go to any courses and was not shooting very often at that time, but already then, she was particularly interested in people, their portraits and bodies.

How did you start shooting dancing events?

  • In 2012, I started dancing Salsa and Bachata in Chelyabinsk, the capital of the Southern Urals, where I am from. Over time, I understood that dance is not that interesting as the atmosphere itself! I began to shoot at local dance parties in my city. In 2014, kizomba came into my life. Then I went to my first kizomba festival in Saratov (Russia), where I took some pictures that many people appreciated. After that, I got invitations to other cities. In 2017, I moved to Moscow and already there I turned this hobby into my main job.

What is your theme in kizomba dance?

  • Sensuality, emotions, intimacy, touching, looks, intertwined with music. You see how people dissolve into each other in music. You realize that they are gone into space and they are already not here. When I see such a couple on a dance floor, I can do pictures of them endlessly.

There is a myth that photographers shoot at parties only their own acquaintances and friends?

  • This is true. I did that earlier, but now I try to shoot absolutely everyone. Although, I always have my favorites that will definitely be in my album)))

Do you dance often kizomba yourself?

  • When doing photos, one or two dances for the party. I like more shooting the dance itself and listening to music.

What are your favorite parts of body?


  • Hands and eyes

Why are your famous for shooting asses then?))

  • Most of dancing girls have a very nice bunda! However, many photographers do not convey so completely the beauty of this part of the body. But, again, my thing is the hands and eyes, touches and looks. And bundas…, it’s because I manage to show them in the very best way). It is a pity, that European men do not wear clothes, which emphasizes their bundas, otherwise my photos would have more men’s´ bodies.

What is the most important thing in an album?

  • The most important thing is the atmosphere! In my photos, there is always a history: something that captures the look. I see beauty in people and I can convey it. I can find something beautiful in everyone. I love to show beauty, although not everyone sees it in himself or herself. I am for sincerity and for true emotions. So, I try to take a photo before I will be noticed with the camera and people start posing.

In addition, I´d like to say that in parallel with the dance shooting, I lead a studio photo shooting. In addition, more often I photograph famous people with a small amount of clothes on them, especially because some simply have incredibly beautiful bodies, and in clothes, no one can see them.

Who would want a NU-session? People normally cannot publish this kind of photos. Alternatively, those who would, what is this crave to show yourself off?

  • I believe that nude photo shooting helps people to see themselves differently, in a new way, to gain self-confidence, to love oneself, to discover the source of sexuality. This is work on their complexes; this is the moment of full acceptance of oneself.

Is there any difference between Russian and European festivals?

  • Yes, there is, in the atmosphere and the people. Everyone knows that in Russia, girls are very beautiful and in Europe, there are many handsome men. However, there are many similarities as well, like high level of dance floor and of the music, as at big festivals in Russia mix the same Djs.

What are your plans for the nearest future?

  • I want to develop myself further as a photographer. I want to go to kizomba festivals in Europe. This is a slightly different view and a different atmosphere. I need new faces.






















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