Rovinj SSD & CSSF. My review

Well, dreams come true… I’d looked forward to get to Rovinj SSD & CSSF, and finally I did! And I don’t know what to say… I have really mixed feelings right now, because SSD is absolutely NOT what I have imagined it would be.  But before I explain, let’s make an allowance for my personal state of mind & soul at the moment I got there. I had quite a difficult time just before the festival, and I needed to be “out of service”.  I wasn’t actually ready for a big crowd of crazy kizz-acquaintances, endless kizomba parties, etc., because Rovinj is all about SOCIALIZING, more than anything else (so seemed to me at least).  And, don’t get me wrong, I was very happy to meet my friends and make new ones, but it’s just that I was a bit more reserved and tired than usual.

First impression

The first 24-hours – my impression – why is it so small????  I had imagined 5000 people all around the island, dancing in every corner, huge party locations, madness in the air.. But it was modest enough.  At day time everyone was on the Paradise Beach till 7 pm,  afterwards moving to Mulini Beach till 22 pm. At night everybody was at the Old Factory.  The beaches are smaller than any kizomba dance floor.  If there’s a Pool party –everyone is there.   Which is not bad either, but not the scale of the dance event I had imagined. Actually that was a good thing, creating a cosier atmosphere.  Maybe because it was just the 1st weekend, with mostly the urban kiz audience, which I was looking for.  Maybe all the madness and scale was at salsa scene.. I don’t know. But as far as it concerns the urban kiz scene, to me, it seemed not bigger than other kizomba festivals.

My thoughts on the Rovinj SSD & CSSF

  • Croatia is a beautiful country, BUT I don’t like its beaches!(( I will never trade them for my Spanish ones with the soft sand and smooth entrance in the water. The nature in the North of Croatia (all the Pula region) is somehow similar to Russia, let’s say “to other eastern countries”, which makes it less attractive to me personally.

There are so many stones and rocks inside the water that you cannot bathe without special shoes. Nobody warns you about it! When I just arrived, I was sweating like hell.  The first thing I did was jump in the water and as a result hurt 3 toes on each of my foot! The cuts were at least 1 cm deep. Obviously it there was blood everywhere but nothing to disinfect & close the wounds. The next morning I couldn’t even walk from pain, not to mention dancing!  So, my first advice – put on special shoes to bathe in the sea.

  • Too many girls for not too many high level male dancers. And too many Eastern girls among them. So:
  1. If you are a guy (any level) –GO THERE!
  2. A girl (beginner) – YOU CAN ALSO GO
  3. An intermediate/advance level girl, “spoiled” by Parisian kizomba dancers & an often guest at “Park Futbol”) – DON’T GO THERE!  You might be waiting for hours to get a good dance (on the urban dance floor).   There are not many high level dancers, and they are sooo busy, sooo tired, sweating and actually don’t care about you with all those eastern “fresh meat” ladies.

I was wondering if it’s as bad as dancing in Russia. I was told that in Moscow there are 10 girls per guy. In Rovinj SSD & CSSF I’ve heard slightly better statistic, only 4 girls per guy. Jajaja

  • The SSD guys are very straightforward. Never in my life I got so many invitations to pre-parties and after-parties at the same time, also for Tet-a-Tet ones. So, if you are looking for sex, Rovinj SSD & CSSF is an easy place to get it. If not – no problem, you just say “no”. They probably won’t even be sad or feel offended about your refusal, as there are many other women who would say “yes”.


Maybe they become so straightforward particularly with me, when they ask me about my nationality. There’s a lot of talking among men about Russian girls. You know what I mean: they love sex & alcohol, and they are easy to get, sometimes even offering themselves.  –  

I don’t know so many Russian girls in the kizomba dance world. But those few that I DO know, are not like that! They are sensitive, they have feelings, and if they agree for sex, they truly believe to develop some relationship out of it, they expect that to be continued.. not just a one-night stand. These are the girls I know. So, I’ve decided not to tell anyone any more where I come from. I don’t like to be taken for a slut or whatever – “easy-girl” you call this. I’m not offended, but I hate generalising… 


  • This is also a perfect place to lose weight. There are many up- and down- streets, which gives a bigger load on the legs. Many rent bikes to move around, which is also a good exercise, additionally to swimming, dancing and maybe , for some, sex. All those mentioned above, mixed together would make you lose at least 2-3 kilos or more in a few days, depending on how much you walk, dance or f* J))))


  • A good idea would be to take this trip to Rovijn as a holiday, not just for festival. Book time off work and take it easy, find time to just lay on the beach, read a book, visit around and get together with your friends. And…. Dancing will compliment the picture! Anyway it’s difficult to dance a lot, because you can’t stop sweating!!! )


  • If you are a Latin dancer (salsa&bachata), Rovinj SSD & CSSF will be your paradise, I guess. If I seriously come back to salsa dancing one day I will definitely plan my trip to Rovinj again. But at the moment I’m not very convinced about next year. I have to set my priorities well, but I don’t exclude SSD, although I didn’t absolutely fall in love with it.


Sorry if this review sounds a bit critical, again, must have something to do with everything else going on in my life at the moment. But I keep some nice memories of the Roving SSD & CSSF, and I met some good people, I made new friends, I got a little tan, an amazing dance on the beach (one), in the water (two), and on the dance floor (3 more))))

Have a Happy Summer!!!