What is a kizomba PROMOTER?

I never paid attention to this subject until I met a kizomba promoter Saba, a nice smiling girl from Berlin, whom I got to know for the first time at the Brussels Kizomba Festival a few days ago.  As we became friends easily, taking into account her open-minded and very sociable character, I started wondering how she happened to become a promoter. Then actually, I got curious about what this activity is.

We all see daily in Facebook someone’s familiar face announcing future dancing events with their promo-codes. How do they happen to appear on these flyers? Would YOU like to be one of those people? Would you like to know what they exactly do?  Let’s get to Saba and see what she’s telling us!

  • I guess, at first, you became a kizomba dance addict; otherwise, you wouldn’t go so far with all this promotion stuff, right?

Yes exactly! I started dancing first in my city, then abroad… I knew more and more people, then, one day; actually, someone asked me if I wanted to be a taxi dancer and a promoter at the same time in his team in Paris. I was told I could do it really well! I have never thought that my dancing was so great that I could ever be a taxi dancer; neither had I known that women also could be taxis. Therefore, it was not really my initiative. I started working with that team for a while, and afterwards some other organizers came up to me and asked me if I wanted to promote their festivals too. In the end, one by one I was making my own deals… and became a kizomba promoter.  That is how it all started.

  • How much time do you generally dedicate to your promotion work? Let’s say, in hours per week?

It depends on special promo offers… Sometimes I post a little bit more, it depends on team groups, and they can post often or seldom. Right now we have Christmas promotions, so I do it a bit more. Sometimes teams give you more information as well. Actually, it takes time, yes. However, I do it with my cell phone now, so I am connected all the time in-between my everyday duties, I never count the hours. Wherever I am I can do it, but it takes some hours a week for sure. In addition, I try to get new ideas how to do it, in order not to annoy people. There are too many promoters! Therefore, I want to be more creative, put some funny pictures, videos, and I try to do funny wording in my texts. I mix all that with my personal posts, so people can get entertained with everything altogether.

  • What about that promotion group which you have created in Facebook? What is it about?

-It´s called “Enjoy Saba’s kizz discounts” and it is particularly for my discounts, because sometimes people have to scroll in my normal account to find the information they need. I also get many questions in Messenger, where people ask me information regarding travelling and other issues. It takes always more and more hours…  Moreover, at the same time my crowd is growing, LOL.  Of course, unfortunately, I get many messages from kizz guys who are not seriously interested in promotions, but wanna just to flirt with me. With the time, I have started quickly identifying what the real intention of the message is. In any case, I always stay friendly of course!  (Laughing) – “but it’s about the promotion!”- I tell them.  

Therefore, this is just an internet promotion part. The other part, which is also very important, is to be at festivals!

  • What exactly are you doing apart from internet promos and assisting festivals?

I wear t-shirts, we install banners at festivals, and I give flyers, cards to other dancers. I also have an experience of recruiting taxi dancers for the Valentine´s Dance Festival in Berlin.  Nevertheless, I want to highlight that it is super important talking actively to people, not only putting banners and wearing t- shirts.

  • Do you consider kizomba promoter a real work or just a hobby?

–  It’s of course not my main work, it’s not that much money, but it’s a job, yes, of course, I don’t do it for nothing. But, it’s also for fun, because I love kizomba, I want to share my passion, especially with people who have never been to festivals. I can imagine how it feels like! It is so cool to meet more and more new people each time, they also become friends of mine; it is like creating a family. I really love that. I love dancing, the music, the feeling of the connection I have during dancing and especially with all the people around the world! For example, this year I danced kizomba in Malaysia and in the Philippines, and apart from that, I was at 18 festivals only this year!  It is a great movement of amazing energy and happiness!

  • What personality one must have/what kind of skills in order to become a promoter?

 I think it´s important that you are any euphoric and happy person. That attracts a lot of attention from people. You also should have many followers on your Facebook account, which makes it easier. I have already a big “clients database”=)). In addition, it is always good to speak different languages. It´s always better not to be shy. You should have a kind of sales mentality, or experience in sales also helps a lot. Oh, and don’t forget that having been at many festivals, knowing many organizers, dancers, teachers and DJ’s, knowing the crowd and how it all works is essential!

  • How can you actually become a kizomba promoter and start taxi dancer activity?

You can start on your own by contacting organizers of some festivals. This year I have worked as taxi dancer only three times. More men are needed, because there is a whole “battery” of women waiting for a dance! It´s so sad, as men realize their importance and they can sometimes abuse the “Special Status” they have by being a taxi dancer. Especially Paris is like a “taxi dancers´ factory”. Everyone wants to become a taxi dancer or teacher, nobody wants just to dance!  (Laughing)

  • Any recommendations for those who would like to try it?

Don´t start because we are too many! Now the market is full jajaja (laughing)

  • And… to say Goodbye to my followers?

Please, feel free to join my group “Enjoy Saba´s kizomba festival discounts” in Facebook, especially these days. There are some interesting offers, which might be appealing to you. I´d be happy to assist you, in case you have questions about the upcoming festivals. And….of course, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I wish you all to meet many cool people in 2017 and have many nice dances with them!)

We laughed a lot more after the interview and, obviously, we left a lot out OFF record LOL

So… have you decided to become a kizomba promoter, a taxi dancer, a teacher, a DJ now or to be that special strange person who just enjoys the kizomba dance?))