Kizomba teacher – Aimé from Luxembourg

The first person, I dedicate my post to, is my first kizomba teacher – Aimé.

Many of you know him. In Luxembourg he is a Kizomba Man #One for me. But the day I met him I didn’t know that. Anyway it doesn’t change anything. His fame hasn’t changed him, he’s still the most considerate teacher I’ve ever known. There are dancers/taxi-dancers who became really arrogant and rude in the light of their Glory, but it’s not the case of Aimé; and this was the first thing I wanted to highlight about him.

When I started I had no criteria. I could not compare. I didn’t realize how lucky I was. Because a kizomba teacher is not just a very good dancer. It’s also a person with a great ability to explain, patience, good discipline and sense of responsibility, who knows how to transmit correctly information or skills to others. Not everybody can teach.

Unfortunately there’re too many courses appearing recently out there like mushrooms after the rain and closing at the same speed, because  kizomba people are so artistic type, they are gone with the wind depending on their inspiration and mood. When they start a course and then go travelling every 7 lessons out of 10 per month, I don’t see any point for them to start a course. Even if you are the best dancer in the world, but unable to be responsible for people who rely on you, willing to learn, it makes no sense. So, my kizomba teacher was all the contrary.

What particularly makes his teaching so good for me?

  • he speaks English very well so he can perfectly explain everything to foreign people and and expats whose French is still a shit.
  • he is very steady regarding the place, the time and day of lessons. He seldom makes changes, so you always well know where to go, like a clock – no mess in plans, no unexpected surprises.
  • if there are many people he doesn’t forget to change lines often so that everyone could see and hear him very well (I refer myself to workshops)
  • he’s joking all the time, which makes his lessons a lot of FUN, so you are sure to have a very good time in warm home-feeling environment.
  • even if you know nothing about kizomba and want to start from zero, you don’t have to wait until September, but you can directly join his lessons whenever you want during the year, because every lesson (Beginner Level**)  starts in the same way – basic steps and moves. So you are always able to catch up on the most important stuff.
  • at the end of lessons he gives 5-10 minutes time for free couple dance in order to IMPROVISE on what has been learned during the lesson. He asks gentlemen to mix up moves as they wish (changing order, rhythms, etc.) , make more or less steps than it was shown in the “combination”,  which develops their OWN IMAGINATION and helps them to better cope at parties.
  • at social parties he will invite you for a dance. Even if has to refuse you at a point in time – he has a good reason for that, and he will do it in the nicest possible way. Also he never forgets about that person he refused – he will invite you back the moment he has a chance to do so. At least according to my experience and to what I’ve been observing him for months and comparing with what I’ve being told about other teacher… This definitely gives him a big score!

I have tried hard to interview him for this post, but in the light of the third edition of our Luxembourg International Kizomba Festival he was so extremely busy, that I realized it could be some time before the interview happens. However, I felt right to publish my thoughts on him just after the Festival, so you could see for yourselves what a great organizer he is and what a great projects and events he is capable of putting together, with the help of his team.

This post is not about Luxembourg Kizomba Festival, it’s just about my kizomba teacher Aimé.

To finish this positive feedback I’d like to personally THANK him for everything he has taught me!!!