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brainI’ve decided to share my thoughts and feelings on something I really love doing, on my biggest passion, a must part of my life, my meditation – on KIZOMBA DANCE. When I discovered it,  over a year ago, I have gotten a second breath,  I realized that was a start of a new chapter in my life.

For an emotional girl like me, who has too much energy, who rushes to live, rushes to feel –  this dance is a perfect exercise to learn how to do all of these things. It’s all about learning to concentrate, to relax, to enjoy yourself, to develop your feel for music, and first of all – to live in the moment!   There’s no past, no future, no time at all when I dance. Time doesn’t exist.   Fore some people, a moment like this happens while taking a shower, for others when they swim, or paint, or read an interesting book. For me it’s when I dance.

Since I started, I’m totally addicted to it. It’s my best drug. In this blog (which is already the third blog I have) I’m going to write everything I know about the dancing world, I will publish interviews with kizomba dancers & teachers, sharing their dancing experience, how they’ve come to KZ, how they feel about it, why they keep doing it, how they combine it with their ¨real¨ lives.

I’m a writer since I was 11. I have a couple of poem books and a long blogger history. This is my first blog in English, because I want you all to be able to understand me, in every little part of the world where kizomba is played and danced, to feel yourselves identified, to comment my articles, open discussions, suggest new topics and recall your sad and funny stories.

This dance is so popular now, it’s evolving so quickly, spreading all over the world, it’s taking different styles and concepts. Sometimes for beginners it’s difficult to understand which movement is correct, what teaching or technics are true. There are too many countries & islands involved, too many opinions, directions,  improvisations, a great mix of ages and sizes, searching for joy, fun & pleasure in the kizomba dance.

Let us all together solve this puzzle! I hope you will enjoy my writing and I hope you to become my active & pro-active readers and followers:)

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